Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Photo-Less Reminder

Anyone who knows me can tell you I always have my camera or my camera on my phone out snapping pictures.  I love to document trips, experiences, holidays, anything you can think of!  I always love looking back on pictures and really hate when I don't snap one of something and realize how significant it would have been later.  I read a quote a couple months back that said to quit putting life on hold to take a picture and instead just live the life you're chronicling, enjoy the moment and really let it sink in.  This has stuck with me ever since.  Sometimes I'm so worried about getting pictures of a surprised face or with everyone smiling perfectly that I don't even notice the little things going on around me.  I miss the little moments that looking back mean so much.  

I am by no means going to stop taking pictures.  I think it's important to have keepsakes to remember special days or trips by and I want to have all kinds of pictures for my kids to make fun of me for when I'm older and to show them fun times with people who mean so much to me that they will not be able to meet.  However, I have learned that sometimes it's okay to just live and be in the moment.

This past weekend one of my best friends Katlin came into town to visit me.  On Friday we went to The Miller House and had a delicious dinner, and then to Gambrinus for some wine.  Saturday we spent having lunch at Olive Garden.  This was our shopping day staple in college so we decided to relive those days.  Afterwards I decided to prove Owensboro did have good shopping and took Katlin to Blossom's to prove it.  Luckily she loved it!  We spent the rest of the day shopping & sightseeing around town.  Sunday we made the trek up to French Lick Winery to do a wine tasting, tour the hotels & topped it off with a yummy lunch at Hagan's Golf Course Clubhouse!  The weekend was full of conversation, hilarious moments full of laughter and lots of reminiscing of our "best days ever!"  It was so good catching up and I cannot wait to do it again.

Know how I know it was a great weekend?  I have absolutely zero pictures.  We were way too busy laughing, catching up and having fun to stop and take a photo.  This weekend I was just too busy living to take a picture and you know what? It was great.