Friday, August 30, 2013

A Christmas Surprise

My dad is the type who is always doing something for other people and rarely treats himself.  This past Christmas we wanted to surprise him with a present he wouldn't see coming.  My stepmom and I joked about getting NASCAR tickets and the more we thought about it, the less crazy it sounded.  We had been trying to get my Dad to go to the Daytona 500 for years and knew if his Christmas present was tickets he wouldn't have the option to say no.  Lucky for my brother and I, my step-mom decided this could be a family trip.  No way was this NASCAR fan turning down that offer!   We carefully selected tickets that we thought Dad would enjoy, he likes being up higher so that you can see more of the track.  Then, we patiently (who are we kidding? I was busting at the seams) waited for the tickets to come in and for Christmas Eve to give them to him.  

We were told the actual tickets wouldn't arrive until after Christmas but, of course, they arrived in the mail just in time for Dad to check the mail that day.  Luckily, he didn't pay any attention to it and just laid the stack on the kitchen counter.  We wrapped up a package with an image of the Daytona track in it and patiently waited for present time.  To keep him from accidentally opening it earlier, it was kept hidden as the last present of the day.  

He knew we were up to something :)

Daytona, here we come!!!

Dad was excited and we were all looking forward to a fun family trip and to get away from the cold to the Florida sunshine for a weekend :)

Stay tuned for pictures from the trip, it was so much fun!

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Baby Shower for Parker

Event planning has always been a passion of mine!  I love figuring out decorations, menus, locations, etc.  It's so much fun creating an event that fits the personality of the person and that you know they'll enjoy.  I've had so many people tell me how stressful it is but I honestly thrive on it.  Deadlines, being out and about & shopping are all favorites of mine and event planning is the perfect combination of them all!!

This past Spring, my step-mom and aunt were planning a baby shower for my cousin.  They do not happen to find event planning as fun, entertaining and relaxing as I do.  As a matter of fact, they find it dreadful.  Once there is a plan in place they enjoy it but coming up with the ideas and working on the deadline doesn't do much for their fun scale, whereas it puts me on an 11 out of 10.  The week before they were truly struggling with decorations and centerpieces and recruited Miss Self-Named Party Planner to help.  The shower was for a baby boy and animal themed.  With limited time, I had to get creative and fast.

My first project was a jungle diaper cake.  It was my first one and I must say I was quite happy with how it turned out!

The diaper cake was placed on the gift table along with this poem from Baby Parker!

On the cake table, we used a registry book so that Parker would always have a record of who was at his shower as well as a book that was a special keepsake.  We used Giraffes Can't Dance and asked all the guests to sign the pages with a message for Parker.

Below are pictures of all the centerpieces as well as the shower.  I can't take all the credit though!  My aunt & step-mom were instrumental in helping to put them together, not to mention they made an amazing lunch for all the guests!  (They're not as bad at decorating as they think!! :) )  All in all it was a great day and everyone had a great time!

Yummy lunch :)