Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finding Stillness

"Be still and know that I am God." ~Psalm 46:10

I have been reminding myself of this bible verse daily over the past couple weeks.  Sometimes my type-A, control every outcome and nothing bad will happen, always on top of it personality needs to be reminded that I am not the one in charge.  I struggle with letting go and letting God but that is a continuous learning experience for me.  I tend to become so wrapped up in the day to day and focusing on what my plan is and need to remind myself that there is a greater plan for my life than I could ever sit down and create by myself.

I have found that in quiet moments when I just sit back & listen, without my cell phone buzzing, tv on or work in my lap, I can clear my thoughts and really look for the path I'm supposed to be following.  I'm still in the midst of figuring out life and it's an exciting, fun, but scary place to be.  I would love to have a crystal ball to see exactly what the future holds but that would take all the adventure and fun out of the experience.  So for now I'm happy to focus on faith, family & friends while I listen for God's plan and continue to develop into the woman he created me to be. 

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