Friday, November 8, 2013

25 Days to 25: Day 11

25 Things to Accomplish During My Year of Being 25
1. Finish my MBA 
2.  Pray more, worry less.
3. Take time to enjoy the little things.
4. Practice the power of no.
5. Give back.
6. Eat clean.
7. Travel to another foreign country.
8. Sleep.
9. Read for pure enjoyment.
10. Spend more time outdoors.

11. Exercise more.

I love to run, take zumba classes, do yoga, etc. but with my busy schedule lately sadly that is the first thing I cut.  Now this probably wasn't the best decision but I felt too guilty walking away from homework an hour a day.  Now that school is drawing to a close I want to focus on getting my workouts back into my daily routine.

Not only is it good for my health, it is also a great stress reliever.  I feel tons better on days that I am eating clean and getting my workout in.  It gives you a renewed sense of energy to get through the day.  Before this semester, I was starting to get into yoga and love it.  It's not only great exercise but improves flexibility and is great for stress relief.  

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