Wednesday, November 20, 2013

25 Days to 25: Day 22

25 Things to Accomplish During My Year of Being 25
1. Finish my MBA 
2.  Pray more, worry less.
3. Take time to enjoy the little things.
4. Practice the power of no.
5. Give back.
6. Eat clean.
7. Travel to another foreign country.
8. Sleep.
9. Read for pure enjoyment.
10. Spend more time outdoors.
11. Exercise more.
12.  Be creative.
13. Give up soft drinks.
14.  Simplify.
15. Watch a sunrise and sunset.
16. Be more timely.
17. Read the Bible.
18.  Do more random acts of kindness.
19.  Learn something new.
20. Keep blogging.
21. Develop a vision.

22.  Decide on my next educational pursuit.

I will be finished with my MBA in just a few weeks and even though I've told myself I'm taking a long break before pursuing any other degrees, I'm not so sure that's the case.  Whether it's a professional designation or another post-graduate degree, I want to go ahead and start planning what I am going to pursue next and when.  

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