Wednesday, November 6, 2013

25 Days to 25: Day 9

25 Things to Accomplish During My Year of Being 25
1. Finish my MBA 
2.  Pray more, worry less.
3. Take time to enjoy the little things.
4. Practice the power of no.
5. Give back.
6. Eat clean.
7. Travel to another foreign country.
8. Sleep.

9. Read for pure enjoyment.

I love to read.  Absolutely love it.  There's nothing better than escaping the world through a great book.  When I was little I would stay up past my bedtime and read under my covers with a flashlight.  Who wanted to sleep when you could be reading an amazing book about a foreign place?  (See Day 8 to see that this is still a problem).

Over the past few years, my daily reading has turned into more of a Wall Street Journal, Messenger-Inquirer, investment magazine intertwined with reading for schoolwork.  I have found less time to devote to reading just for enjoyment.  Now that I'm finishing grad school, I want to take time to read through the shelf full of books I purchased off my list that have yet to be opened.  Reading is relaxing to me and like a free vacation from life even for an hour.  I want to commit this year to reading again for pure enjoyment.

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