Sunday, March 30, 2014


For Christmas this year I put a Clarisonic on my list.  I had been looking into these for a while but had held off because of the expense.  I did a lot of research and decided that it was worth a try and luckily received one for Christmas!

I LOVE my Clarisonic!  I always felt like no matter which face wash I used I wasn't getting all my makeup off of my face.  That is no longer a problem!  It is amazing the difference I can tell in my skin already.  I try to only use it once a day, typically at the end of the day when my makeup needs to come off.  In the mornings, I use a gentle cleanser.  I am very impressed by this product and highly recommend it to everyone!  You can find a great deal on the Clarisonic Mia 2 at this link!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Movies, Movies, Movies

It is so difficult to find good, wholesome, clean movies and even more rare to see a good Christian movie coming to local theaters.  Imagine my surprise when there are four, FOUR, Christian movies coming to theaters.

I recently saw Son of God and thought it did a pretty great job of trying to show the life of Jesus in a short period of time.  Below is a trailer for this movie and I highly recommend going to see it!

There are three more coming out that I'm so pumped to see!  The first one is God's Not Dead.  I think that this is a storyline that will resonate with a lot of young people and will also encourage open conversation about the love of God.  (P.S. it comes out this weekend and I cannot wait!!)

The second movie I cannot wait to see is Heaven Is For Real.  I believe this is going to be a great movie!  I'm hoping to squeeze in some time to read the book before the movie comes out (Easter).


And last but not least, Noah!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Junior League Charity Ball 2014

March 1st was our annual Junior League Charity Ball and it was so much fun!  Below are a few pictures of our fun night : )

Such a fun, amazing night :)  So blessed with such an amazing boyfriend and friends!