Friday, April 18, 2014

Shoe Organizing

Organizing shoes to me is a major part of having an organized closet! I hate having shoes spread out everywhere! It looks messy and isn't helpful when you're trying to quickly find what you're looking for. I am working on going through my shoes to get rid of ones that are worn out or that I just don't wear! Once I narrow down my collection, I will be working on organizing them in the best way possible for my closet. Stay tuned for the final product! Below are a few of my favorite shoe organizers I have found thus far! I will be utilizing a couple of these for my closet! 

I have a similar shoe organizer to this one but mine is one row taller, however this organizer is currently on sale at The Container Store (yes, I'm addicted to this store)!

I actually ordered this exact underbed shoe organizer from The Container Store a while back and love it! It gives me more storage for my shoes and allows me to keep pairs that I do not wear as often under my bed.  It definitely helps declutter the shoe section of my closet.  

I will be utilizing these two products that I already have but I have also found these and will probably be adding them to my collection soon:

4-Pair Boot Rack from The Container Store found here.
I love this for storing my boots next fall/winter that I wear on a daily basis.  It would prevent having to get them out of their boxes each morning which saves time.  Yes, I keep my boot boxes and put the shapers back in and put them back in the boxes after each wear.  It keeps them in their shape but this rack would allow me to easily grab the boots I wear the most while also keeping the shape of the boots intact.

Clear Boot Box from The Container Store found here.
These boxes would be perfect for boots that don't have a box and I love that they're clear so you can easily find the ones you want.  Plus, they're on sale!

And, last but not least!

Clear Shoe Boxes from The Container Store found here.
If shoes that I wear regularly don't fit in my 12-pair shoe organizer, I stack their boxes on top for easy access.  These clear boxes would be perfect for that because they're stackable and it would be super easy to grab the pair you needed!

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