Tuesday, August 19, 2014

100 Day Countdown: Days 79-70

Day 79: We missed our connecting flight and had to spend the night in the Denver airport! Not so fun but at least we were safe!

Day 78: Hanging out on the USS Midway today! 78 days to go! We're exhausted from travel complications but loving San Diego : )

Day 77: Spent the day on Coronado Island! Such an awesome and beautiful place to spend day 77 : )

Day 76: Hanging out at the San Diego Zoo on day 76!

Day 75: 75 days til wedding day! My amazing fiancé surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries after my conference, we had a yummy Italian dinner in Little Italy and went for a sunset walk by the ocean : ) I am one lucky girl to have this amazing guy by my side!

Day 74: Enjoying our last night in San Diego! We're sad to leave this awesome city but excited to get home and start working on our house! 74 days to go!

Day 73: It's been fun San Diego but we're ready to be back in Owensboro to work on our new house! 73 days to go : )

Day 72: Sweet household basket from my awesome future in-laws! 72 days to wedding day and so excited to get rolling on the house!

Day 71: 71 days to wedding day!! So excited to start working on our house tomorrow : )

Day 70: Its been a busy first day working on the house but loving the progress already! 70 days to go : )

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

100 Day Countdown: Days 89-80

Day 89: Feeling extra sappy about this guy today! This was taken just a short while after we got engaged. The love I have for this man is overwhelming and I cannot believe how lucky I am to marry my best friend (in 89 days?!!!!!) Can't wait!

Day 88

Day 87: love him so much! 87 days to wedding day!

Day 86: I miss this guy. 86 days!

Day 85: Hanging out at the St. Louis Zoo on a pre-wedding family vacation!

Day 84: hanging out at the arch! Such a fun trip!

Day 83: We're newspaper official today! 83 days to go : )

Day 82: 82 days to go!

Day 81: We closed on our first house today!!! 81 days to wedding day and things just got even more exciting : ) 

Day 80: So in love with this guy! And super excited for our adventure tomorrow : ) 80 days to go! 

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Monday, August 4, 2014

100 Day Countdown: Days 100-90

Day 100: Florida Georgia Line

Day 99: Trying to pick a honeymoon location!

Day 98

Day 97: My hand was cramping so badly from addressing all our save the dates but it's completely worth it!

Day 96: so thankful to have this guy who can always make me laugh and smile : )

Day 95: it's hard to keep calm with only 95 days to wedding day!

Day 94: love him. 

Day 93: Olive Garden & cake tasting date!

Day 92

Day 91

Day 90