Monday, September 29, 2014

100 Day Countdown: Days 39-30

Day 39: it's getting so close!

Day 38: my coke from work today! So lucky that I get to marry my soulmate in 38 days : )

Day 37: the house is finally coming together!! Cannot wait to live there : )

Day 36: just a small amount of the stuff set up for our garage sale tomorrow!

Day 35: Celebrating our Bachelor & Bachelorette parties on day 35!

Day 34: day 34 several hours late because we spent the day napping and going to the movies yesterday! So thankful for this wonderful man and I absolutely cannot wait to call him my husband : )

Day 33: 8 years ago today my fiancé asked me to be his girlfriend after this dance! Day 33 is spent being thankful for the times we've spent together throughout that time and for the great future we are about to start : )

Day 32: First official box packed for the new house : ) Can't wait to live with Jared in just a little over a month!

Day 31: Visiting the plantation & making plans! Can't wait to be here so soon for our wedding : )

Day 30: Ahhh one month from today I'll marry the love of my life at this beautiful location : ) I cannot believe the wedding will be here so soon! So much wedding and house stuff left to do but it's amazing seeing it all come together! God has surely blessed this girl : )

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

San Diego: Part 4

Seaport Village - cute little area with shops & restaurants beside our hotel!

Beautiful! It was so nice to be able to walk by the water each night!

Walked out of my conference and the circus train was traveling by!

Perfect to find considering that's exactly who I was traveling with : ) 

My awesome fiancé surprised me with these after my classes one day!

My handsome man : )

Such a gorgeous night!

Relaxing poolside!

We loved this pizza place in Seaport Village! 

Last night in SD!

Went back to Seaport Village to get ice cream!

View from the lounge at the top of our hotel!

Headed back to Kentucky!

Landing in Vegas! It was so cool to see the whole Vegas strip as we landed!

We had a quick layover but made a stop to at least play a slot machine in Vegas!

We had such a wonderful time in San Diego!! We've been on plenty of weekend trips together but this was our first big trip and it was so amazing!!  As sad as we were to leave such an awesome city we were really looking forward to coming back to continue wedding planning and work on our new home :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

San Diego: Part 3

Welcome to San Diego: Part 3! 

We couldn't go to San Diego without visiting the zoo!

Riding the zoo bus around for a quick overview tour with this handsome guy : )

Who knew polar bears ate carrots?

Look at that little gray fluffy baby flamingo!!

So. Awesome. 

I'm a lucky girl. 

Checking out the elephants!

Cue Lion King music being stuck in my head!


We had so much fun watching the bears!


Such a fun day!