Sunday, December 14, 2014


Last year I set 25 goals for my year of being 25 and as I just recently turned 26, I decided it was a perfect time to review those goals and see how I did!

25 Things to Accomplish During My Year of Being 25
1. Finish my MBA
I completed my MBA in December and can't believe it's been almost a year since I finished it!
2.  Pray more, worry less.
I have definitely made an effort to take everything to God in prayer more this year and it has made an unbelievable difference on my stress level.  There are still times I try to handle everything myself but I am trying to break this habit :)
3. Take time to enjoy the little things.
When I made this goal I had no idea I would be getting married this year!  So many little moments to soak in and I loved every minute of it :)
4. Practice the power of no.
I still have not perfected this art but I have slowed down on my activities and taken time to really focus on my marriage and family.
5. Give back.
I did not accomplish as much on this goal as I wanted due to my unbelievably busy schedule this year.  I'm making this a goal for this year.
6. Eat clean.
I have been better about trying to eat healthier but I have a feeling this will always be a yearly goal I need to strive for.
7. Travel to another foreign country.
Jared and I traveled to the Dominican for our honeymoon so I can mark this off the list!  
8. Sleep.
HA!  I have slept more since we returned from our honeymoon than I probably did the rest of the year combined ; ).  I am making this a goal for next year too because wedding planning and house preparation definitely trumped sleep this past year!
9. Read for pure enjoyment.
This is something I want to spend more time on in the coming year.  I love to read and want to take more time to do it.
10. Spend more time outdoors.
Once again, if I wasn't working on my job, wedding or house I was probably asleep so this will have to be a 26 goal too : )
11. Exercise more.
I did exercise more this year but will continue to try and increase the time spent on this.
12.  Be creative.
Planning the wedding and decorating our house has definitely allowed me to use my creative energy this year!
13. Give up soft drinks.
Caffeine is what kept me going some days this past year.  I will definitely try to reduce my intake going forward.
14.  Simplify.
Sharing closet space with Jared has definitely inspired me to simplify my closet. We both love having a clean and organized house which makes life so much easier!
15. Watch a sunrise and sunset.
I've caught part of each but still want to take the time to sit down and watch both in full.
16. Be more timely.
Ehh.  Good intentions right?!  
17. Read the Bible.
Although I feel that I have the closest relationship with God I have ever had, I need to spend more time studying his word.
18.  Do more random acts of kindness.
I will continue to pursue this in the coming year.
19.  Learn something new.
I feel that I have learned so many new things this year.  Planning a wedding and buying and preparing a house have brought us so many lessons!
20. Keep blogging.
I haven't been able to blog as much during the past year as I wanted to but am trying to get back into a schedule with it.
21. Develop a vision.
I feel that I have a clear vision for life right now and am loving it!
22.  Decide on my next educational pursuit.
Right now I'm still enjoying being finished with my Masters but am still open to potentially going back for another degree.
23. Be happy.
25 has been the year of happy.  I'm Mrs. Peacock :)
24. Make the best decisions for me.
So many big decisions took place this year and I feel like I have stayed true to what I know are the best decisions for my life.  
25.Enjoy the year.
I have definitely enjoyed this eventful year! I started a new job, got engaged, bought a house, Jared and I were married, we went on our honeymoon and moved into our new home!  It has been such a wonderful year and I can only hope that 26 continues to be as wonderful.  Being married is so wonderful and I am so thankful that I get to start my 26th year with my husband by my side :)

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