Thursday, December 4, 2014

We're Married!!!!

We're married! It's so hard to believe that all the excitement, stress, hard work, tears, smiles, happy times and countdown to the wedding are over! However, I can now say that every minute of stress or lost minute of sleep over the past six months was totally worth it. We had the most amazing wedding day and I feel so unbelievably blessed & full of happiness : )

Instead of posting one insanely long post about everything wedding related, I've decided to break it down so that I can truly share our wedding experience and what I learned along the way. Not to mention our amazing wedding vendors deserve a lot of recognition! 

It's so hard to believe we've been married over a month! Time is flying by already but being married is the most amazing feeling. I couldn't ask for a better time of year to be newlyweds either! It's so fun having the holiday season right after our wedding & getting to decorate and really enjoy our home. 

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