Tuesday, March 24, 2015

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Today, I decided to share a few things about me that you might not know just for fun!
1. My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice and Girl of the Limberlost.
2. When I was little, I always told my parents I would grow up to marry only one of these three men: Patrick Swayze, John Travolta or Billy Ray Cyrus. Ha!
3. I hate staying by myself at night and have an addiction to Law & Order SVU marathons.  This is not a good combination :/
4. There's nothing I enjoy more when it comes to music than old time gospel.  It makes me cry every time and moves my soul.
5. I feel deeply.  I love big and hurt big.  Can be a huge strength but its also a weakness.
6. I wanted to name my brother Brian Mackenzie off Father of the Bride.  (parents said no, lucky for him!  I did end up with a dog named Mackenzie though!)
7.  I'm an emotional person.  I cry when I'm happy or sad.  On a scale of 1-10 if I'm not between a 3-7, I'm probably going to have some tears.  Commercials get me all the time and I started crying during the opening credits of our wedding video!  It's bad :)
8. I'm not really into the actual act of hunting (nothing against it at all, just hard for me to be quiet that long ;) ) but I am a great shot!  I love going target shooting.
9. I hate being told I can't do something.  If I'm challenged to do something, I hate to lose and will do everything I can to succeed.
10. I love to write.  Not just on the blog, but poetry, song lyrics, etc.  It's a great way to get out my creative energy and I love it! 
11. If I could quit my job and do anything for a year, I would want to be a travel writer and see the whole world with J :)
12. The day we closed on our first home is my aunt & uncle's wedding anniversary & the day we broke ground on my dad's house.  That day is quite meaningful in our family!
13.  I was born on my grandfather's sisters birthday and my brother was born on his brother's birthday.
14. The sound of Styrofoam that comes in boxes literally makes me cringe and feel nauseous.
15. I have traveled abroad to China, South Africa and the Dominican Republic.  I have a heart that constantly desires to travel this world and am always working on planning a trip somewhere!
16. I love reality tv!  I think its absolutely ridiculous but it's like the train wreck you can't look away from!
17.  My favorite (non-reality shows) are Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, Nashville & Chicago Fire/PD.
18. We're working on some pretty big new adventures in The Peacock Roost right now so stay tuned :)
19. I grew up in McLean Co. & Daviess Co. so I consider myself a dual citizen.  Living in the city is convenient for now but I am counting down the days until we move to the country!
20. I am super organized in every facet of my life except one --- my purse is always a complete disaster!
21. I'm a total klutz. I can walk down an empty hallway barefoot and find a way to fall.  It's a good thing I'm married to a firefighter/EMT :)
22. Most people love milk with their oreos but I prefer cherry kool aid :)
23. I love English hot tea.  My grandmother and I have shared more cups of tea since I was a little girl than I can count! 
24. Jared and I dated and were friends in high school and then reconnected once I moved back to Owensboro 5 years later.
25. I come across really serious and focused but those closest to me know I love to be silly & laugh :)

I love to hear any comments, tips or thoughts anyone likes to share so please comment below!

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