Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Goals

Tomorrow is the first of April which means it's time to share my goals for April!  Before I do that, let's recap my March Goals.  See my original post here.

March Goals Recap

1. I read this book this month! 
Not the best book I've ever read but it was a quick read & made me think in a different way.  It was made into a movie so I may look into renting it at some point.  There is a sequel to this book (Where She Went) that I may look into for reading this summer!

2. The office isn't quite finished but it's almost there. I'm going to do a separate post on it soon to share how it turns out!  We love the color scheme and pieces we've chosen.

3. I have made some progress with pictures this month but still have some work to do! This is going to be a continuing project I think : )

4. Start a devotional.
I started this Jane Austen devotional this month.  I love Jane Austen & the Bible, so seeing how they draw lessons out of the two is very interesting!  I haven't been very good about doing it every day (going to try to do that in the month of April) but I love it so far.
5. I have been better about getting up earlier & going to bed earlier. I have far from perfected this but it's getting better and something I will continue to work on! I always feel like I need to stay up and get stuff done around the house but regret that when my alarm goes off the next morning.  Laying down earlier helps me not feel so tired in the mornings which makes them more productive & enjoyable!

6. This month I lost 1 1/2 pounds!  Not the four I was hoping for but progress is progress :)  I have only myself to blame.  We've been so busy lately that I've gotten into a habit of just grabbing what is convenient instead of planning my meals.  Hoping to slow down and refocus on this next month.

April Goals

 1. Do a devotional or read my bible every day.
My relationship with God is so important to me and I need to get into a habit of setting aside some time each day to just focus on communicating with Him and studying His word.

2. Make some progress on landscaping.
We are working on redoing all the landscaping in our front & back yards.  I'm going to document this on the blog and I'm hoping I'll have lots of updates this month!  We're so excited for the beautiful weather and to spend time together working on our yard.

3. Spring clean the house and closets.
I am going to start changing over our closets this week from our fall/winter clothes to our spring/summer clothes.  At the same time, I hope to get rid of a bunch of stuff that we no longer wear or need.  The second part of this is I want to spring clean our house.  Reorganize cabinets & closets, deep clean floors etc.  Stay tuned for more of this on the blog!

4. Start a new exercise routine.
I had some neck and back trouble last month and as a result of my x-rays, I am supposed to limit high intensity exercise that would bring all the problems back that the chiropractor fixed.  I ordered Yoga for the Warrior to try and am excited to take rides on my new bicycle now that the weather is better! I'm hoping that those two activities combined with our nightly walks will help me get back into an exercise routine! 

5. Lose 3 lbs.
I'm determined to refocus on mindful eating and meal planning this month.  I want to go back to prepping food for the week so that I have healthy options that are easy to grab and that will keep me mindful of what I'm eating.  I'm hoping this combined with increased exercise will get me closer to my goal!

6. Read 1 book.
I'm going to make it a continuous goal to read at least one book each month.

  I love to hear any comments, tips or thoughts anyone likes to share so please comment below!

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