Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cleaning Schedule

I don't know about you but sometimes I just feel overwhelmed with keeping our whole house clean.  I was trying to do a little bit every day but kept finding myself having to spend whole days on the weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom!  I knew I needed to change something so that I could have a consistently clean house and not have to worry about it as much.

I did some research on cleaning schedules and looked at a lot of suggestions on Pinterest before putting together one for our house which you can see below.  I sat down and made a list of the things that I thought needed to be done every day & what I could fit into my schedule before and after work to make the morning and evening schedule.  I then made a list of the bigger cleaning tasks around the house and spread those out over the week.  Obviously, not all of these have to be done every week.  For example, I put clean kitchen cabinets & wash rugs on the schedule for Fridays.  If it needs to be done, I will.  But if I take a look at them and they look good to go then I would just skip that one.  It basically just gives me ideas of things to check out each day and then clean if necessary.  I obviously will not be able to follow this perfectly (some days cleaning at all just isn't going to happen) but I needed a visual reminder of little & big things I could do each day to keep our house in order. 

I framed this baby and hung it in the office on the wall in front of my desk so that it is a constant reminder that doing a little bit each day keeps my days off free and will greatly reduce stress about house chores! 

I know what some of you are thinking--this takes organization to an unhealthy level!  And, you may be right!  But right now it works for our house and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed with what needs to get done around the house!  I'm going to try sticking to it as close as possible for a couple of months and see if it seems to help.  Do any of you use any sort of cleaning schedule?  Have you found that it helps out in your house at all?

I love to hear any comments, tips or thoughts anyone likes to share so please comment below!

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