Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

Woohoo!!! It's Friday!  So thankful it's the weekend and super excited for all the fun stuff we have going on this weekend.  Most importantly, Easter!!  Easter is absolutely one of my favorite times of year.  The perfect time to renew your relationship with Christ and be reminded of his unending love, mercy and grace.
Before we officially start our weekend, it's time to share my Friday Favorites with you!

1. Our New Business
We have received so much love and support for our new business and are so thankful! 
Learn more on our website ( or visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

2.  Target Ona Scrunch Ballet Flats

These flats are super cheap & so comfy!  I own the black but they come in 8 different prints and patterns.  Find them here.

3. Spring Clothes
I love seeing all the bright colors out for spring! After wearing so much black this winter, I'm so ready for some pops of color in my wardrobe! See my recap of my first spring shopping trip here.

4. Spring with my husband

We're so happy it's spring! Nice weather means walks after dinner, bike rides, working in our yard and all kinds of fun things we like doing together : )

 5. Golden Oreos

Okay, I used to like chocolate oreos but I'm afraid I've found a new fave - Golden Oreos!  These things are AMAZING!  I am not a candy or sweets person at all but these babies are the exception.  I only let myself have one or two here and there since summer is coming but I think I could eat the whole package lol.

6. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
I've posted this on my Friday Favorites before but I'm going to do it again because this stuff is THAT good!  I'm currently using this red but am going to go look for a more springy color this weekend.  It's so reasonably priced and works so well!  I chip my polish constantly and this is the best stuff I've ever found.  Plus it dries almost instantly, no heat lamp required.

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  1. I bought the polish after your recs! Loved it!!

    1. Thanks Laura! So glad you liked it :) It is the only kind I've ever tried that survives more than one day on my nails!

  2. Must try the nail polish! Love the gingham and coral!