Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  We had such a relaxing weekend that honestly I hardly took any pictures!  I was just enjoying hanging out with my husband too much!

I finally got around to joining the public library again now that I've moved and that called for a bubble bath & reading!
Love running errands and just doing life with this amazing husband of mine :)
We spent a lot of time working on our landscaping & making plans for what we want to plant, etc this weekend.  It's going to take several weekends to get it all done but it's a lot of fun to work on together so we don't mind!

Tried a new Broccoli, Chicken & Rice casserole that I'll share on the blog soon!

More landscape shopping :)

And, ended the weekend with one of my favorite meals - Chicken Spaghetti!  I'll share this recipe soon too.

We spent the whole weekend doing a little house & landscape shopping, relaxing, cooking dinner and just enjoying hanging out! Perfect way to spend a weekend :)

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