Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Favorites

I am so happy that Friday is here :)  Friday means a fun weekend, relaxation and fun dates with Jared!  Those are my kind of days.

1. My New Bike!
I love my bike :) My awesome husband surprised me at work and brought it to me all put together!  Sooo sweet!  It's yellow and is an older vintage style which I love. 

2. Sally Hansen Gel Polish
You've heard me rave about it before and now you can hear it again :)  There are so many cute colors in this polish for summer!  Hands down my favorite nail polish.  Shop the collection here!
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish - Birthday Girl 240Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish - Pretty Piggy 210Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish - Pink Up 200

3. Pizza & Entourage Nights

I love relaxing nights at home where we just get to hang out and enjoy time spent together & one of our favorite shows :)  It really is the little stuff!

4. Lemon Oreos

Remember my goal to lose more weight?  Umm these things are a problem.  I'm not going to buy anymore for a while so I can stay focused but let me tell you these things are delicious!!  So so yummy!

5. Red White & Blue

Loving red, white & blue on this Friday!  We have some patriotic stuff going on in our family this weekend that I can't wait to share on Monday :)  Follow me on Instagram to see pictures this weekend (@kelseymannpeacock).
We have a really fun weekend ahead and I can't wait to get it started!  Hope you all have a fabulous Friday & a great weekend!

I love to hear any comments, tips or thoughts anyone likes to share so please comment below!

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  1. I want a vintage bike like that! Sooo so cute! Love the yellow!

  2. Love the lemon Oreos but the limited edition Smores ones are so yummy, too! If you are looking to lose weight, you might not want to buy them. Portion control is hard to come by with those!

    1. We have tried the s'mores ones and they were delicious too! We are currently battling a serious oreo addiction in our household at the moment :/ Not good for my diet!

  3. LOVE your new bike, so pretty! And mmmm lemon oreos those sound DELISH!

    Happy Friday <3

    1. Thank you! They are amazing & addictive :)

  4. Oh man! Those lemon Oreo's will be MINE! MINE!

    PS I'm checking in from #H54F! Happy Friday!


    1. I'm currently trying to avoid eating them but it's hard because they are SO good!

  5. Oh man those lemon oreos could be a game changer for me! Yum!