Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Goals

It's the beginning of a new month which means it's time to share my Monthly Goals!  I love writing my goals down because it makes me focus on what I really want to accomplish each month :)

See my May Goals post here!

1. Landscaping Progress
We made some progress this month.  We've pretty much removed all plants that were in our front or back yard when we bought the house and are preparing to till up all the dirt in the next week and put down rock.  Stay tuned for progress pictures!

2. Continued Growth for TGP
We have seen quite a bit of growth in our business over the past month but we are always looking to grow some more!  Visit our website!

3. Continued Exercise & Weight Loss
Still making progress on this front.  It's a challenge with our schedules but I'm just trying to make better choices every day.  It's working slowly but surely!

4. Devotional/Bible Study
I majorly failed at this during May.  I am working on restructuring my daily schedule to allow for more quiet time in the morning to relax and spend some time with God.

5. Read 2 Books
I definitely accomplished this!  I have been reading a lot more now that I joined the public library.  Follow me on GoodReads to see what I'm reading here!

Now, for my June goals!

1. We have pretty much cleaned out all of our landscaping and now we need to till up the dirt & then put down our landscaping paper & rock.  Hoping we can mark this off our to-do list this month!

2. Life has been so busy lately that I want to slow down this month and focus on spending quality time with Jared.  I also want to enjoy being outside together working on our yard, going on our walks, riding bikes, etc. 

3. I definitely splurge some but I've been doing well at making healthier food choices and increasing my exercise level.  I want to continue this in June!

4. I am working on doing gallery walls in our hallway and want to make some serious progress on these this month! 

5. I want to continue to try to read two books each month.

6.  I go through stretches where I'll do better with this and then epically fail.  I'd like to really work on this in June to be more well rested and to make my mornings less hectic!

7. I am working on a few more organization projects in our home and would like to wrap those up soon so I can focus on our outside summer projects!

Happy June!
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