Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

Today is a happy day because not only is it Friday, but I am also off work today!  This makes me one happy girl :)

Before I head off to celebrate the holiday weekend and spend lots of quality time with my husband, it's time to share my Friday Favorites with you!

1.  New book!
I started Debbie Macomber's latest novel Last One Home this week & love it so far! I'll be sure to post an updated review once I finish it!

2. Last Weekend!
Last weekend we went shopping, to see Ted 2, went to the Parade of Homes, played kickball and more! That was a definite favorite this week!

3. Watermelon
Is anyone else as obsessed with watermelon as I am right now? I'm really watching what I eat right now and loving watermelon makes that a lot easier. It's so healthy & filling! 

4. Friday Night Lights
We've been binge watching Friday Night Lights this week & are obsessed! This show is so good & very addicting.

5. July 4th
So thankful that this weekend we get to celebrate the anniversary of our country's independence. Just remember it's not all about the fireworks! Be thankful for our freedom & make sure to thank those who keep it possible today!
I love to hear any comments, tips or thoughts anyone likes to share
I love to hear any comments, tips or thoughts anyone likes to share so please comment below!

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  1. We've been working our way back through seasons of White Collar (one of our favorites, but Psych tops our list!), but we will have to check out Friday Night Lights. Thanks for the recommendation! And I love me some watermelon! With a little sea salt on top? YUM!!

    1. I've heard good things about White Collar, I'll have to check that one out! Definitely check out FNL, it's so good : )

  2. Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits to eat in the summer. It almost seems like dessert! I'm always looking for a new book/author to read. I'll have to check that book out!

  3. I feel like it's a dessert too :) Makes me feel like I'm splurging when I'm just being healthy! It's a pretty good book so far :)