Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

We had a very busy weekend that we are going to be recovering from for a few days!  Totally worth it though :)  Hope everyone has a great week!
The weekend started off with a yummy dinner from Olive Garden!

How else would I start my Saturday except a 4 mile walk & lots of circuits?

Jared had to mow some on Saturday and while he was mowing in McLean Co I got to hang out with these two crazies & my dad and stepmom!  My dad makes the BEST water slides on his property and I watched the boys for a while and then had to play too :)  SO. MUCH. FUN.

After the water slide, TT(what the boys call my dad) took us for a tractor ride!

Love these sweet boys! 

Eating popsicles while watching TT drive the tractor.

There really is just nothing like living in the country!  Jared and I can't wait to move out there :)
Early but yummy Wasabi dinner & then lots of relaxing for us!

All cleaned up for church on Sunday :)  This dress was a little snug when I bought it & now is loose (that's a definite win!).

The cleaned up part didn't last long! We have been working like crazy on our landscaping & it's pretty much finished!  I can't wait to share pictures of how it turned out :)  We're waiting to put any plants in until the Fall but I'm so happy to have all the mulch and rock down.  We have one more area to landscape but there are a few trees there that have to be cut down first!

After landscaping most of the day, we cleaned up for our kickball game & grabbed some yummy Mexican for dinner!  We were both exhausted and are looking forward to a semi-relaxing week!
Bella And The City 
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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! You can never go wrong with Olive Garden!

  2. Love that dress - so cute! Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

    1. Thanks Jen! I did, hope you had a great one too!

  3. Loving that black and white dress on you. Adorable! Ps. I was nominated for a little award over on my blog today, so I thought i'd nominate you if you want to check it out :)

  4. Hey Kelsey I found your blog through The New Mrs and Mix and Match Mama and I love it! That dress you wore to church is freakin adorable and you look amazing! Are you still using WW? I def need a kick in the butt to lose some weight! You're inspiring me!

    1. Hi Heather! So glad you found my blog :) I am still using WW, I have quite a few pounds I still want to lose. It really is the only thing that has ever worked for me & I highly recommend it!

  5. Looks like fun!!!! And wow that slip 'n' slide is amazing!!!!! That'd be fun for the adults too :)

    1. Oh we definitely joined in the fun :) It was a blast!

  6. My husband is obsessed with the soup and salad thing at Olive Garden. I love your dress!

  7. I'm in looooove with that dress! Looks like you had a great time with the family! Thanks for linking up!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle