Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Goals

I cannot believe September is here!!  Summer was great but I'm honestly so excited for fall & winter this year since it was such a blur for us last year. 



1. Quality Time/Fun Date Nights
We did this in August!  Several dinner dates, House of Cards marathons, golf range visits!
2. Weight Loss & Increased Exercise
I am officially down 13.2 pounds this month & am exercising pretty much everyday.  I've just been doing circuits and walking but am considering ordering Cize!  Has anyone tried it?
3. Wake Up & Go to Bed Earlier
I have been consistently waking up earlier but I definitely need to work on going to bed earlier! 
4. Bible Study
I did not do very well at adding this to my daily routine this month.  I use my walks in the morning as my prayer time but I need to set aside time each day with my devotional too!
5. Plan my Days
I am definitely getting better at planning out my days again but I need to keep pursuing this!
6. Enjoy life!
This month I really tried not to look too far ahead and enjoy the moment I was in but it was hard!  I need to keep working on enjoying current moments.


1. Increase Social Media Presence
I made some strides with this in August but need to work even harder at it in September!  Come follow along on my social media pages:

2. Revamp Pinterest Page
I am working on completely updating my Pinterest page.  I've made some progress but still have some work to do!  See my current Pinterest boards here!
3. Clear Vision
I am developing a much more clear vision of where I want this blog to go and hope to share more of that with you all soon!


1. Spend time with Jesus daily
My walks in the morning are also my prayer time but I want to start making more time to pray throughout the day, do a daily devotional, etc.  The days I spend more time with Jesus are definitely happier days!  Coincidence?  Definitely not. 
2. Continue quality time/date nights
I want to continue setting aside time not running errands or doing business things to spend time with Jared.  Fun date nights are my favorite and I hope that we continue those this month!
3. Continue daily exercise & weight loss
Although I am down 13.2 pounds, I still have a long way to go to reach my goal!  I want to continue to modify my diet to be healthier and keep making exercise a part of my daily routine.  I just ordered Cize today to try something different in addition to my walking!  Hopefully this will amp up my results!
4. Clean out closets & garage sale prep
Our neighborhood has a huge garage sale every September and it is the perfect time to clean out your closets & make some extra cash!  I love to clean and organize so this task is really fun for me :)  I'm getting rid of so much this time.  If it's too big now, it's gone.  If I haven't worn it in a year, gone.  I'm over a closet full of clothes when I wear less than 20% of them.  So excited to completely purge my closet and then add some new stuff once I reach my goal weight :)! 
5. Find a way to give back
Jared and I are so blessed and have decided that we need to start giving back in some way.  I am looking into different options in our community of something we can do together to help others!  If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to share! 
6. Fine tune daily schedule
I'm working hard to find a daily schedule that works to make it all happen!  I've found that if I plan out my day it goes a lot more smoothly so I'm working to plan out my days realistically and keep focused on my goals.
7. Enjoy the beginning of...FALL!!
I love summer. But bring on the pumpkins!!! I'm so excited for fall :)  I've said it before but after how hectic last fall & winter were with new house, wedding, new job, and more, I'm so excited to really embrace my two favorite seasons this year and make them extra special!

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  1. I already started enjoying fall. Last night I lit fall scented candles, pulled out fall decor, and wore flannel pajamas. :) So I can totally get behind that goal! And exercise is perpetually on my list...but I've been failing lately so I need to really focus on that! Good luck with all your goals!

    1. Girl, you are loving fall already!! I'm trying to make it the first thing I do every day so that helps but it's still a challenge sometimes!

  2. Great job with your August goals, I know you will rock out your September ones, too! I need to do the closet clean out and switcheroo.

    1. Thanks lady! I really hope so! September is always a busy month but I have lots I want to accomplish!

  3. Great goals! I have been trying to focus more on prayer, lately. It really helps to center my day. Great work and good luck in the upcoming month!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! Focusing on prayer really centers me and keeps me focused throughout the day too!

  4. What a great list! I very much need to work on my prayer life and Bible study time. That seems to be the easiest thing to put off until tomorrow and then the next day, etc. I need to work on enjoying the moment too. Everything else can wait!

    1. You are so right Trista! I let everything else get in the way of mu devotion & prayer time a lot of days too. It's easy to just say I'll do it later but I need to make it more of a priority!

  5. Great goals! They're similar to mine :) I'm working on one of your Aug goals - going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. I totally did it last week but not this week. I need to be spending time with Jesus daily too! I have been listening to Scripture as I put on my makeup in the morning through the You Version app and I'm loving it! I'm doing a 90 day New Testament listening plan. Gosh I know of so many organizations that could greatly benefit so I'll just mention a few: Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras (that my hubby and I wen to recently) - you can sponsor children, send them gifts, write to them - I've seen first hand what a difference it makes! ALERT Ministries in Dallas, TX helps girls in the juvenile detention system (mostly in for prost.) - I personally have helped with their finances in the previous years and have seen the changes they've made in these girls lives. Lastly, New Friends New Life in Dallas, TX - they help girls come out of the sex industry. It's an amazing organization! Look up any/all of those. They all have websites :) Hope that's helpful!

    1. That's a great idea to listen to the Bible while getting ready in the morning! Thank you for all the great suggestions :) I'm going to look for some local things we can do similar to these but may end up participating in some out of state options too!

  6. That's really cool that your neighborhood has a garage sale every year! We just cleaned out our closets last weekend and we have two big trash bags full of clothes and shoes(which was a lot harder for me) to donate!

  7. Great goals in here!! I'm with you on the getting rid of clothes you don't wear. I recently did the same thing and I am able to stay so much more organized. I also love the giving back one! I have been thinking about that recently too.

    1. Thanks, Kaitlyn! I'm just so tired of having to search through the stuff I never wear anyway...such a waste of space! Glad I'm not the only one doing a big clean out :) It's something I've been thinking about for a little while. I just want to find the right thing for us!