Friday, October 2, 2015

October Goals


1. Enjoy 1st Anniversary
We will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary towards the end of this month!  I can't wait to celebrate and enjoy the one year mark :)
2.  Make 1st Halloween Special
Last year, we were on our honeymoon during Halloween so this will be the first one spent in our home.  I can't wait to pass out candy to all the kids!!
3.  Apple Fest, Pumpkins, 1st Anniversary Photos
We are going to the Apple Fest, to pick pumpkins and doing our 1st anniversary photos this month!  I can't wait to accomplish all these fun fall activities!
4.  Finish House & Closet Cleanout
I have made so much progress on my house & closet cleanout so far but still have a ways to go.  I can't wait to show you all how much we're getting rid of!
5.  Make Progress on Gallery Wall
Thanks to a huge sale on picture frames at Target last week, I have purchased a large amount of the frames I need to do one of the gallery walls in our hallway.  This month I want to get photos picked out & the frames hung up!
6.  Lose 5 Pounds
I have really recommitted to working out & eating correctly this month and would like to see 5 more pounds go during the month of October!


1. Spend time with Jesus daily
I have been trying to turn to prayer more often in difficult situations and to praise God when good things happen too!  I want to always pursue this as a goal!

2. Continue quality time/date nights

We had some fun date nights this month!

3. Continue daily exercise & weight loss

I am down 15.4 pounds now!  I am doing the CIZE program and am working on cleaning up my diet even more and getting my WW counting back in action.  I have 19 more to go and would like to have at least half of that gone before 2016 :)

4. Clean out closets & garage sale prep

I have cleaned out so much in our house & am doing even more!  I love getting rid of clutter & losing weight has forced me to really reevaluate my closet.  Definitely getting into quality over quantity mode!  All the extra goes :)

5. Find a way to give back
Still working on finding the best way to do this!  Hoping to do something during the holiday season.

6. Fine tune daily schedule

I am definitely making progress on getting my daily schedule to the best way it works for me but I think this will be continually adjusting depending on the season and our growing business!

7. Enjoy the beginning of...FALL!!

I am loving fall so far & can't wait to really get into all the fall festivities this month!

I love to hear any comments, tips or thoughts anyone likes to share so please comment below!

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  1. I have really fallen away from the weight watching and exercise. I am back at it this month. My goal is 10 more pounds and then I can focus on just maintaining. Go get 'em!!