Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

I am SO happy to see this weekend arrive!  It has just been the longest week.  I'm really looking forward to a relaxing weekend full of quality time with my husband!

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him

and for Her!

See my post here about the 5 most useful tips I'm implementing in our home from this book on organization!

This week in the What's Up Wednesday link up, one of my absolute favorite bloggers posted that she and her family had tried one of my crockpot meals!  I'm not going to lie I may have gotten super pumped and giggled when I saw it :)  Thanks, Erika!

Another favorite of mine right now is pinning Valentine's Day stuff on Pinterest!  So many great recipes, crafts, décor, etc!

I've posted that I've already started Christmas shopping for next year and I'm going to help you all do that as well.  I'm going to try to share some of my favorite deals as I find them on stuff for you all year long & items you can buy for a bargain to have for holidays & birthdays this year!!  Keep an eye out for this graphic on posts this year for can't miss items :)

Here are some of my favorites right now:

All of these items are either on major sale or almost crazy cheap to begin with! You all know how much I love my Lush perfect tunics (I blog about them all the time).  They really are the best and the length is ideal for leggings or skinny jeans!  The Kate Spade earrings are on a pretty good deal but that initial necklace is normally close to $70!!!  This is a great item you can grab for yourself or to save for a gift this year!  I own the BP pendant necklace and adore it!  BP studs are in my ears pretty much every day :)  I own them in topaz, pale pink, hot pink, crystal and black and I can't wait to see what colors I can add to my collection this year :)  For the price, they are surprisingly great quality!  Love that scarf to have to throw on or for a gift.  If you want to have a gold watch to throw on, this one is a great price and perfect if you like the trend of gold but aren't sure you want to commit to purchasing a more expensive watch.  I own the striped top in 2 colors and LOVE it.  Go buy one right now!  I also own the chevron necklace and have given it as a gift as well!  It's perfect for when you just need a little touch to add to a casual outfit!  All of these items would be perfect to buy for yourself but are also great gift ideas! 

Answered prayers!

God is so good all the time.  One of our family members had to go to the hospital this week and I am so thankful that the doctors were able to find out what was wrong and surgically fix it!  When things like this happen, it is so scary.  I am so thankful for God's hand in guiding us through those situations.  It is easy to forget to pray and thank him when things are going right instead of just when it's an emergency.  Let's all remember to call on him when we need him, which is everyday when things are good or bad!

I am so excited for the rest of 2016!  We have so many exciting things planned for our year, personal and business wise, and I can't wait to see what happens with you all in 2016 as well!

Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. So happy to hear about your family member! You're so right....people tend to just go to the Lord when it's an emergency and forget to thank Him when times are going good too. Great reminder! Have a great weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Come to Chicago we'll shop together! Haha. I have three of those Lush tunics and four of those BP shirts, they're the best! So happy that your family member is OK. Things like are definitely scary!! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!! :-)

  3. Good ideas for Valentine's Day! I wish I hadn't just bought Jared gloves- lol! BUT- he desperately needed them so I'll have to go another route ;) I'm also excited to see about your shopping deals and get a start on my Christmas shopping too. I did pretty well this year with starting in September, but would LOVE to be even more on top of things pre-baby!! :)

  4. Such great ideas for valentine's day - looking forward to seeing all those pins!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. SO many awesome Valentine's Day ideas! I don't really do much for Valentine's Day but nothing wrong with presents! :) Happy Friday girl!<3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Ohhhhh I love Lush tops too!!! Your blog is great!:-) enjoyed reading- and you inspired me to link up with different parties- have a great weekend!

  7. So many pretties, loving all your ideas for Valentines Day. Especially the KS book, I need to go out and pick it up already! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. LOVE these ideas - thanks for sharing. I'm in LOVE with the Purple Kate Spade earrings too! :) Thanks for stopping by to say hello on my blog today. Have a great weekend!

  9. I love all your Valentine's Day gift picks! I need all the "Her" picks in my life! So glad your family member is doing well! God is so good!

  10. Loving all of your Valentine's gift ideas! And those Anthropologie trinket dishes are perfect for a few of my friends that just got engaged! Thanks for the idea! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. God is faithful...every time. So glad we can have that as a favorite today and every day!

  12. Happy weekend lady!! I need to start figuring out Valentine's Day stat. My husband is totally the worst to figure out... but he's the best ever... so I keep trying. ;) Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend!!

  13. I hope you have a relaxing weekend! Love those dishes from Anthropologie. Great picks! :)
    xo Kiki

  14. Love those Valentine's gift ideas! Those red boots are super cute!

  15. So many great Valentine ideas! Thanks for sharing!