Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weekend Recap

A big thank you to my brother for helping me hang this gallery wall!  We hung all the frames before Christmas but with the hustle & bustle of the holiday season, I decided to put off putting in any pictures until the new year.  I'm working on getting those printed and hung and can't wait to show you all the final product!  (Those chairs and table are actually returning to the living room now that the tree is gone. I'm debating doing something similar in this space or maybe adding a chaise lounge?  Thoughts?)

When no one feels like cooking and you can't agree on takeout...anyone else do this?!  O'Charley's for my husband & Olive Garden for me :)

I had some free time on Saturday so I curled my short hair for the first time!  It turned out better than I expected :)
Saturday brought lots of errand running for me!  I needed to pick up a few things plus I'm preparing to do a few blog giveaways and had to pick up some goodies for those :)  I may or may not have bought another Christmas present (#andhave8moreathomealready)!  I promise I do not Christmas shop all the time but there are so many good deals this time of the year that I normally pick up a few gifts I know I'll still love to give come December when I see them while I'm out!  You can get such good gifts for good prices this way.

Starbucks & Target.  Basic?  Maybe, but in my world it's called Saturday perfection.

Jared had to work Saturday night so dinner with my family & a sleepover at their house was just what the doctor ordered for this girl :)  Thanks for taking good care of me!

Sunday was filled with church, lots of errand running for my new project (more on that below) and a whole lot of relaxing and Blue Bloods!

Okay, first time homeowner problem here.  When we purchased our home, the main bathroom was brown.  I'm not a brown fan anyway but we're not talking a pretty brown.  It HAD to go!  First, we went with yellow.  I love yellow but the rest of our house was blue & gray and it 1) didn't fit in, 2) almost looked fluorescent with the lighting for some reason and 3) when both of our families were at our house and I announced I wanted help changing it again and had plenty of volunteers I realized we all hated it!  So, we went with the green you can see in this photo.  This is the green we used in the guest bedroom which actually looks really good in there so we used it in the bathroom too.  I liked it okay and it wasn't brown or yellow so at that point #winning.

Confession: I now hate the green.  Grrr!!  It just doesn't flow with that area of the house, I don't like how it blends with the countertop, etc and it just doesn't give me the tranquil feeling I think a girls bathroom should give.  So now I am going to repaint the bathroom.  Again.  I'm leaning towards the color on the right.  It's not super bright but it's dark enough it will not show wear and tear a lot and blue is very relaxing to me.  I'm hoping to tackle this sometime this week!  Stay tuned for a bathroom blog post showing the transformation from brown to hopefully a pretty blue in a bathroom I will finally decorate once I like the paint color :)


  1. Love your picture frame area and the chairs below! Can't wait to see all the frames filled! Your hair looks so good curly!! Good luck painting! That blue color is really pretty :)

  2. The gallery wall looks so fabulous! I did a gallery wall a few years ago and I really need to switch out the pictures! Thanks for the reminder! Happy Tuesday!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  3. Target + Starbucks = Love! Your gallery wall came out great, and loving those chairs! Can't wait to see it all finished :)
    Green Fashionista

  4. I LOVE that we aren't the only couple who does different take out from different places for the same meal!!! Also, that gallery wall and the chairs look so cute there, you should definitely do something like that once you put those chairs back in their normal spot. Where are they from??

  5. Getting a gallery wall hung is such a big accomplishment! It can be quite a task with placing everything. Love the Olive Garden take out...that sounds so, so good.

  6. I honestly think your chairs should stay near your gallery wall, they are so cute for that space. Please help me put together a gallery wall, what are your tips and tricks?
    Also that middle blue, is my favorite!! :)

  7. Love that gallery wall, it looks great! Our condo is all neutral in terms of paint colors, so I'd probably go with that white one. That color that you like is pretty too. I love that tunic on you too and it sounds like you had a fun weekend! I hope that you're having a great week so far too!! :-)

  8. Your hair looks amazing! And always yes to Starbucks + Target. Girl you are NOT alone with the painting situation! I'm about to paint our guest bedroom for the third time, too!! My husband hates me, haha!

  9. In my world Starbucks and Target is Saturday perfection too and I don't care what anyone says about it!! Also, I love your short, curled hair. It's so cute!!! And Olive Garden...I haven't had that in over a year. They have my gluten free pasta too, okay i'm going soon!

  10. Kelsey I love your hair curled, it looks great! Also, I am loving either the white or dark blue. Whites always brighten up a space and it is easy to change details after a while if you get tired of them ( soap dispenser/shower curtain/rugs etc) and totally change the space without having to repaint. But adding color to a space always adds interest :) You really can't go wrong!

  11. I'm glad I saw someone who just curled their short hair. I just chopped 6 inches off of my hair and I've never had short hair - I've wondered what it will look like curled. NERVOUS! lol. Anyways, glad I found your blog today - excited to be following along now!

  12. Can't wait to see your bathroom redesign! Your gallery wall is GORGEOUS!! Well done!!!! Love, love, love your hair!