Friday, February 5, 2016

February Goals

Happy Thursday!  It has been a really long week so I'm so excited that it's almost the weekend!  I didn't do any goals in January and I think that worked out perfectly because all we did in our house was be sick & watch a lot of Netflix ;)

Now that February is here, it's time to really get started on the things I want to accomplish this year!

February Goals

1. Date Nights/Quality Time

We spent so much time this month being sick that I'm really excited to hopefully get in a few date nights and some quality time that we can really enjoy more!  Netflix and the couch was nice time spent together but healthy time having fun sounds fabulous :)

2. Finish gallery wall & bathroom re-do

I have all the frames hung and ready to go & just need to finish adding photos!  Once I'm finished, I'll reveal the end result and may include a how-to post on gallery walls since I've gotten a lot of questions about how I did this one!

The bathroom painting touchups will be complete tomorrow morning!  Then I will be hunting down the decorations I have in mind :)  I'm loving how it's turned out & can't wait to share!

3. Get back on track with workouts/nutrition

When I got sick, all this fell by the wayside and continued to do so once Jared did.  I've started tracking for WW again but want to get back to being 100% committed like I was before!  I also want to get back to my workouts!  Getting the last 20 pounds off isn't going to happen just sitting still so I need to get my eating back on track and get moving.

4. Devotional Time

I would really like to get back to doing my daily devotional and spending time studying the Bible.  I always plan to but don't get it done!  This needs to become more of a priority.

Short list of goals for a short month!  Hope February is a great month for all of us :)


  1. Love your monthly goals, especially getting back to fitness. That has been a priority for me lately, and while it's definitely a work in progress, I already feel better!

  2. I never thought about hanging the frames and then deciding what pictures to put in the frames, but that's genius! I always pick the pictures and then find frames...and it doesn't always work out! I can't wait to see it finished!
    I agree about the devotional, too. I'm trying to make myself do my devotional BEFORE blogging, but it's been so hard! I need to get my priorities in order.

  3. Love your planner!! And I have to look for that devotional! Glad you guys are feeling better! Here's to a healthier February! Have a great weekend!!

  4. We've been talking about date nights too. It's so terrible how we don't make them a priority. I'm obsessed with your gallery wall. I so need you to come do mine!!

  5. Love all of your goals!! We go out once a week for a date night but I would like to add other things to the mix instead of just going to dinner. I also just downloaded this fitness app on Friday called SWORKIT. Because I felt like my workouts were getting a little boring. Anyway, check it out. I'm going to start using it tomorrow. :-) I also hope that you had a nice weekend!! :-)

  6. A daily devotional is something i'm working so hard on but for some reason it's so difficult for me to just set aside the time and I don't know why!