Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!
Leaving work on friday memes:

This has definitely been a long week and I'm so glad that the weekend is almost here :)

I just love goal setting & monthly planning!  See my February goals here!

I mentioned last week that I was going to start doing some Shopping With Kelsey posts throughout the year to help you snag great deals for yourself and hopefully get your Christmas shopping done early :)  I decided to do the first edition today!

Scarf/Necklace/Clutch/Women's Coat/Tunic/Sweater

Everything in this graphic is on major sale except for one scarf (and it's worth every bit of it's price)!

That Michael Kors men's coat is a steal and would be perfect for the men in your life!

Initial pillows are great gifts for college students (apartment or dorm décor), newlyweds (what newlywed doesn't love a monogram?!) or anyone really!

Whiskey rocks are a great gift, especially for the guys, and these are on a great sale and very festive!

See the cheap price on that nightshirt and you'll totally understand why this is a steal!

Pajamas are one of my favorite gifts to give!  These sleep shorts would be perfect for any gal you have to purchase a present for!

Both of these scarves are awesome, the first one is on a great sale & the second I own and wear all the time.  It's not on sale but totally worth $18!  I highly recommend these for yourself & for gifts!

I've posted about this necklace before but it's worth mentioning again!  It's crazy cheap and is perfect for a birthday present, stocking stuffer or Christmas gift!

I do not own this clutch but am drooling over it!! Pink and gold?  Ahh love it!  Who wouldn't want to receive this as a gift?!

I own this peacoat & it is so nice and warm!  It's a juniors, so go up a size if you order!  These are super cute & make great presents (I already scooped up a few for gifts for this year).

I will tell you until you all listen, BUY THIS SHIRT!  I'm wearing my second one this week.  They are my favorite for the office, weekend, church, everywhere!  I can't wait until more colors come out so I can get a few more.

LOVE these sweaters!  I almost purchased one a few months ago and didn't (they were on sale in store then but only marked down to around $40) and now I'm so glad I didn't because they are $16.90!!! These are so nice and perfect for leggings or jeans!  I ordered two and can't wait to wear them when they get here!

All of these are so perfect to add to your closet now or to purchase now to save for Christmas!  I do a ton of shopping at Nordstrom and the main reason is the free shipping & returns!  I love that I can order whatever I think I'll like, try it all on, and then send back what I don't want!  Also, if you buy someone a gift from there now they can still return it after Christmas.  I love that because if someone doesn't like something, they're not stuck with it!

My sweet husband surprised me with donuts yesterday for breakfast and brought me lunch to work because I was too busy to go out!  Sometimes romance is candles and flowers and sometimes it's having someone who truly has your back :)  Feeling pretty lucky for my guy this week!

I talked about my Wet Brush before but it's worth sharing again!  I get bad headaches in the mornings sometimes (I grind my teeth even through my mouth guard) and this brush doesn't pull at all!  Not to mention, I swear it makes my hair smoother & shinier!  Do yourself a favor & order one!

I'm in LOVE with this tea set my grandparents bought me for my birthday this year!  It's so pretty & I'm still figuring out the best place to display it!  My set is made by Grace (T.J. Maxx typically has a lot of their stuff!).  I love this tea set too if you're looking for one!
We have a decently busy weekend ahead and are really excited for the Superbowl!
Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. How sweet of your husband - that's a really nice treat and that tea set is so cute! Happy Weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. So sweet and thoughtful of your husband!! Those husbands, they are the best ;)

    Love that tea set!! I've seen them every now and then at Home Goods and I'm always tempted to get a cute set! Have a good weekend!! :)

  3. The Lush tunic is perfect! I only one a few weeks ago just to try it for length and I've already purchased two more for me and one as a gift! Love them! Have a great weekend!

  4. We gave some whiskey rocks this year as Christmas gifts and they were such a hit!!

  5. So many cute finds! Loving those pillows and that scarf, and my husband would love those whiskey rocks! Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Surprise donuts AND brought you lunch! What a guy!

  7. How sweet is your husband! Have a great weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  8. I have that lush top and I can't decide if I love it or not! I must try again before I take it back.

  9. That is so sweet of your husband-it's definitely the little things! :)

  10. I've totally seen that Grace dinnerware at TJ Maxx and I'm obsessed with it!!! I love that you have it (and love it too)!! Love your husband for bringing you lunch at work - that's actually the best!!

  11. That tea set is so cute! I love the classic yet super fun look.

  12. Love the wet brush so much!!! But can you believe I must be the only person in the history of blogging that does not love that lush top...did not work for me no matter how hard I tried.

  13. Your husband is so sweet to bring lunch to you! I am in love with that necklace! I may have to pick one up for myself

  14. I like the Wet brush as well but you should give AirMotion a try! It never ever pulls my hair and untangles it perfectly <3 Great blog btw!

    Michaella from