Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bathroom: Before, Middle & After!

Do you have one room in your house that it just took forever to get right?  If so, you'll totally understand.  This hallway bathroom (we use this as our main one since it's the largest) has been a pain to finish since day 1. 

This is what it looked like when we bought our house.  I can't tell you what this brown is but I can tell you it wasn't staying in our house.

I hated how dark the bathroom was and wanted to brighten it up and decided to go with yellow!

This yellow looked so pretty on the paint chip and even the small sample I put on the wall looked okay, but after painting the whole bathroom I swear it looked like a fluorescent Big Bird massacre!!

The tiny, unnecessary double mirrors just made it worse too!

I was afraid to tell our families and Jared that I wanted to repaint it but when we were all there one night I finally fessed up that I hated the yellow (there may have been cheers all around)!  Apparently I'm not the only one who thought Big Bird wasn't a good look.

So...I decided to go with the same green that was in our guest bedroom!

and I thought I liked it...until I realized I didn't!

During this time we also took down the small mirrors, patched the wall and added this one big mirror!  So. Much. Better.

Not bad but I just wasn't feeling it!  I decided that I wanted a more relaxing blue and bought some samples to try!

I originally planned to do the blue on the far right but at the last second decided to go with the one in the middle!

One night a snowstorm was coming and Jared was at work so I went and bought supplies and spent the night completely redoing the bathroom!

Finally painted!  I loved the way the blue looked!  I've also accepted that this bathroom is never going to be my dream bathroom (I would never have picked a crème countertop, toilet & bathtub for starters).  Or a double sink for that matter!  Some people may like them but it's in no way worth the lost countertop space to me! 

I knew I wanted to put something on the walls above the toilet and on the left wall, as well as change the rugs (tip: don't buy crème rugs for a bathroom you share with a man or do your makeup in, they do not stay crème!) and the towels on the towel rack!

I decided to add pictures of the girls getting ready on our wedding day to this bathroom and put a groom's portrait and groomsmen picture in the other bathroom!  As soon as that one is done, I'll share pictures of it too!

Other wall! 

Finished product!!  (I found these gray Martha Stewart rugs at Macy's!)

I'm super happy with how it turned out and definitely look forward to getting ready in this bathroom more now that it's complete :) 


  1. You're right....the blue is SO much better!!! Now you finally have a bathroom you enjoy being in!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Looks great! I really like that blue color that you chose. Love the pictures too!! :-)

  3. Ugh yes to home reno projects and paint! It is SO hard to find the right paint color sometimes! I DO love the blue that you ended up going with and I think it works really nicely with the shower curtain you have. I'm partial to blue...we have various shades of blues and grays in our house lol

  4. Looks great! Sometimes the third time is the charm. it is amazing what just a coat of paint will do!

  5. Yes, the blue is perfect!! You should frame the mirror pinterest style and make it look like a large framed mirror. Very pretty!

  6. LOVE the color! Such a relaxing and inviting color. The picture frames look great in there! Where are they from? I love them!

  7. Love the new bathroom!! The wedding pictures are beautiful and add the perfect touch!

  8. Why is choosing the perfect paint color always so hard?! I always think I know what color would look best/I'd like the most, but then when painted, it's just not good. So I leave it alone and just never paint anything. haha. I do love the blue and that shower curtain is super cute!

  9. I loooove the blue! And your shower curtain works perfectly with the new colour!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  10. I love the blue!! That is very similar to our bathroom downstairs and I love it!

  11. Love the blue! Crazy how that yellow just did nothing for it with the cream.

  12. That blue looks perfect! I'm having the hardest time with choosing paint colors for almost every room in our house. -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  13. I just cracked up at Big Bird massacre! So true though!! I'm obsessed with the new look. You so need to come design my house. I love the pictures and everything you come up with!