Monday, April 11, 2016

Fitness Update

Hello all!  Sorry for a delayed fitness update!  My weekend recap will be up soon as well :)  I had a second round of the stomach flu this weekend which has me behind on everything!


Survived is the word!  I started Pure Barre at the end of February and started March off with the Pure Madness Challenge!  It was tough but definitely got me off on the right start with Pure Barre!  Now that the challenge is over, I'm still trying to maintain at least 4-5 classes a week and as the weather warms up I'm going to add my long walks back in where I can as well.  

As a reward for completing my challenge and first month of Pure Barre, I picked up some goodies!  Let me tell you that towel is ESSENTIAL in platform classes!  I don't sweat a lot typically but that class has me drenching.  So tough but awesome!


I've been working on planning out my meals & snacks ahead of time again and it is really helping!  The biggest challenges for me right now are waiting for fresh veggie season (so much easier for me to eat healthy) and the fact that it's our busy season which can mean lots of eating on the go sometimes.  We are going back to crockpot meals to combat this and I'm excited to see how this helps with my weight loss goals!

Some of my favorite foods this week:

Favorite snack!  All of this for 2sp :)

Trader Joe's Chicken Parmesan lollipops!  You can have 6 for 8sp and they're so yummy!

Jared and I love to get takeout hibachi but it's obviously not super WW friendly for me!  Now, I eat his soup & salad that he never eats (3sp) and eat Trader Joe's chicken potstickers (7 for 6sp) with some soy sauce for dipping (I normally eat 1sp worth).  So yummy & I don't have all the guilt afterwards!  (Plus it's cheaper!!)

I love Mexican food.  Seriously, love it.  Taco salads are my go-to when eating Mexican!  I ask for extra tomatoes & do not eat the shell!  It allows me to indulge a little without going overboard :)

This week, I am focusing on getting all my PB sessions in, cleaning up my meals where I can and staying on track with points, water intake, etc!  Basically, I just want to fully get back to the fundamentals where I was seeing such good results before!

Weight Loss This Week: -0.2


  1. Great job with the pure barre challenge! That's awesome!

  2. I'm so sorry that you were not feeling well. :-( Nice work on completing that challenge though! I love that Laughing Cow cheese too, so good. :-)

  3. Keep it up girl! It's awesome to find stuff that you can indulge in without missing the "bad" stuff.

  4. Yum! Love your snack and meal ideas!! Platform is no joke!! I wrote a blog entry on Platform Tips, and bringing a towel I think was the most important one :)

  5. Wooohooo! These are my favorite posts to read! Great job! That's some serious willpower on the hibachi and only eating the soup and salad!

  6. Great job! I love those potsticker - I had them for lunch today!