Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Hello all! Sorry posts have been few and far between the past two weeks, working on getting lots written up this week so there shouldn't be gaps like that anymore :)  I feel like I went to bed and it was still our winter slow season and woke up crazy busy the next day!!

A little background if you're new around here, in addition to working in a financial advising firm, I own an organic lawn care business, The Green Peacock, with my husband and do marketing/social media work for another family business on the side, and I do some other consulting on my own as well!  All of these hit their peak March-October!  It makes for a great hibernation in the winter but a crazy busy schedule the rest of the year!

I thought I would share some random thoughts & updates with you all today until it's back to the regular schedule around here!

Some recent happenings/random thoughts...

Well, it's officially top knot and lots of caffeine season for me!!  I get up at 4:30 to go to my 5:30 barre class and my day doesn't stop from there until late.  This means top knots that take so much less time than styling and lots of water & caffeine to fuel me during the day!

We have been lucky to eat dinner by 8 or 9 the past two weeks (hate eating that late)!  Last year, during this season we were all about the crockpot meals because they would be ready to eat at a normal dinner time and all the work was done!  We've decided to really get back into those!  These are our favorites but I'm looking for more!  Share any of your ideas with me :)

Is anyone else watching the RHOBH?  I think Eileen and LR are like dogs with a bone at the moment.  Anyone else ready for a new topic?  Side note: I traveled through Dubai to China and although we didn't get to leave the airport, the decadence in the airport alone was amazing and now after seeing more of the city in these episodes, I want to fly back and explore the city!

I finished the Pure Barre march madness challenge and am super proud of that!  I'm staying committed to class 4-5 days a week through the busy season.  I can tell such a difference in how I feel and my productivity level when I'm working out consistently.

Have you seen Kate Spade's new tea collection?  Seriously, just take my money now.

I am on a decorating kick at the house right now (of course that happens during busy season ha!) and have gotten rid of lots of empty walls :)  As soon as I get pictures in the frames I'll be sharing the results with you all!  It makes our house feel so much more cozy!

I'm normally not a coffee drinker, tea and Coke are more my jam, but I have a feeling I'm going to be using my stockpiled Starbucks gift cards I normally reserve for hot chocolate in the winter for some mocha frappucinos to keep me going!  Are their teas any good? I've always wanted to try them!

On a cheesy note, it's so fun having a business with my husband!  It's hard work but we work together well and having a shared goal of where we want it to go makes it easier too!  If I'm going to be working a lot of hours and sleep deprived, he's the only one I'd want to do it with :)  Feeling extra super thankful for him lately!  I married a great one :)

Hope everyone has a great day!

Oh and the winner of the Lilly Pulitzer wine glasses was Hanna McLemore!  I'll be mailing those to her this week :)


  1. I love just a basic roast with carrots and potatoes in the Crock Pot! It's so easy (seriously, just a chuck roast, 1 bag baby carrots and some red potatoes cut up; pour 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1 packet Lipton Onion Soup Mix and some beef brother over; then cook on low for 8-ish hours and you have a great meal!)

  2. Shredded Buffalo Chicken is a go-to of mine! Frozen chicken breasts, ranch dressing mix and your favorite hot sauce. Goes great with rice, in a wrap, on a sandwich, or even a salad! Another favorite is beef and noodles - stew meat, pepper, onion powder and beef broth in the crockpot, then add in egg noodles at the end and let them cook up!

  3. Oh my! I can't imagine how busy y'all are!! Busyness = business!! So glad y'all love owning a company together, that's so much fun :)

  4. You've been busy! I work for a financial advising firm also... hence, needing a creative outlet (i.e. blogging!) on the side ;)

  5. Wow girl you have so much going on, and are rockin' it! I could not agree with you more about LR and Eileen on RHOBH. Lisa is insufferable, and Eileen is almost as bad. Talk about beating a dead hore - yeesh!
    Green Fashionista

  6. I could talk about the RHOBH all day!!! LOL. I love Lisa and Eileen, but I'm tired of hearing them talk about the same thing. But of course they're just doing that for show. I like Erica and Katherine a lot too. I also LOVE Kyle's style. :-) Anyway... It sounds like you are working hard and staying busy, that's great! While I love my husband very much, I could never work with him haha. Also, try the Peach Tranquility tea at Starbucks. I get it once in a while. :-)Have a great day!!

  7. I'm ALL about that top knot life. There's no shame in that!! I love that you guys have a business together. I totally didn't know that but I bet it is challenging and rewarding at the same time. So awesome!