Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fall Saddle Crossbody

One of my favorite trends for this Fall is the saddle cross body bag!  I love a good cross body bag for weekends, travel, etc. and these are structured too which I love!

I bought this one at the Nordstrom sale & am in love!

Are you going for this bag trend this year?


  1. I love these!! While in Chicago, I ended up getting a purse like the bottom right brown one and I LOVE it!! Goes with everything and fits a lot inside :)

  2. Gigi New York has a new one that I have fall in love with. Just such a fun style and so perfect for fall!

  3. I have a gold Michael Kors crossbody, and I would love to expand my collection with more. There used to be a day in time when I would only carry large purses, but now I'm obsessed with small crossbody's because I love the lightweight convenience of them.

  4. Loving the pink Kate Spade and black Tori Burch crossbody.