Thursday, January 5, 2017

Goals for 2017

SNOW!!!! We finally have snow and I am one happy girl :)  It may only be a few inches but there's something about a fresh blanket of white snow on the ground that makes me happy.  It also makes me look forward to 5 so I can go home, eat a yummy dinner and spend the night curled up with my husband watching our shows!

On Monday, I talked about about my word for the year.  See that post here!  I like to pick a word that just represents all that I want to accomplish that year.  On top of that, I like to make some specific personal and blog goals to hold me accountable as well.

My goals for 2017:


- Lose 25 pounds
(I am currently on day 4 of the 21 day fix so stay tuned for my results!)
- Read 2 books each month
- Daily devotional or scripture reading
- Stay committed to my new workout & healthy eating goals.  This is about more than weight loss for me, I just want to be the healthiest version of myself.
(I'm currently obsessed with this hoodie and these leggings for working out!)
- Spend quality time with my husband & family (you know the kind where you don't have your phone & just enjoy spending time together)
- enjoy trips and getaways with Jared
- grow our personal businesses and continue to do well at work


- Consistently post new YouTube content & be at 250 subscribers!
(If you haven't yet, subscribe to my channel here!)
- Blog at least 3 times each week & grow blog following
- Explore using Facebook Live videos in addition to YouTube
- Learn more about SEO (if you fully get this, help me!)
- Learn more about my camera and how to take better quality pictures
- Continue to cultivate blog friendships!

What are your goals this year?!


  1. Love your goals gurlie, especially quality time with the husband and daily devotionals. Can't wait to see what 2017 brings you <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. I'm just about to start my second round of the fix! I loved it, are you doing it with the shakeology? I didn't the first time but still saw amazing results. cheering you on! :)

  3. These goals are perfect! I love them. I'm right there with you on losing the pounds to be healthier not necessarily just skinnier. I haven't quite started yet but am getting a plan together. I have so far read or listened to he daily reading every day this year and it feels so good! When you figure out SEO, please share. :) Enjoy the snow!

  4. I'm with you on the quality of time without screens with your husband! Can you download the yoast plug in? It's helped me a lot with SEO but I still don't totally understand it! Keep up the great work on the 21 day fix!

  5. Awesome goals! I'd like to learn more about SEO too this year. It's like a foreign language to me, so I have a lot to learn!

  6. Such great goals. If you figure out SEO, definitely do a post on it, because I am clueless!!! I took a note out of your book and did my work out this morning - here's to hoping we both stick with it!

  7. You've got some great goals for 2017! I got a DSLR for Christmas and I really need to start learning it so if you find any good tips, send them over ;) Enjoy the snow - I'm super jealous!