Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Book Review

Happy Tuesday!! 

I'm a day late on blogging this week because of an adventurous Sunday/Monday.  Sunday afternoon my iPhone started freaking out.  Apps kept crashing and I could barely get the screen to light up by pressing the home buttons.  Within an hour I had a white screen with an apple logo and that was the status quo until late yesterday afternoon.  I was up all night Sunday working with Apple support trying to get it fixed and trying all the tricks I know to no avail.  Yesterday morning, I had to go ahead and go into work and several hours later I was cleared for a replacement phone that would take several days in the mail.  This is frustrating for anyone.  This was extra frustrating for me because I have to run our businesses off my cell and that's how I manage all my blog and social media content too!  

A conversation with my husband and Apple again led to an appointment scheduled at the closest Apple store (2 hours away), a vacation hour taken and a Monday night road trip!  Thanks to my amazing husband and a great group of Apple techs we arrived back home around 10 last night with a new functioning phone!  Our relaxing night at home turned into an adventure but I'm glad we were able to handle it together!  I hate it that we're so dependent on technology but it is what it is!  I'm excited to be connected with the world again and here with you all today :)

On to my January book review, I read 2 books this month!  My goal is to read at least 2 books each month so I'm glad I met my goal.  I am a member of our public library which I love because I have access to lots of books and I love being able to reserve all the new ones coming out!  Be sure to check out your local public library if you haven't yet.

Are we friends on Goodreads?  Add me as a friend and see what I'm reading here!

There are very few books that I would classify as life-changing but this one deserves it.  Different books have different effects on people and this one had a huge one on me.   So many themes in this book spoke to my heart and the decisions we're having to make in our business and lives in general!  Their commitment to trust God and their faith in each step they took to get where they are today was something I needed to experience through their words.  I laughed, I cried, I related.  I highly recommend this book!  I loved it so much that I'm going to buy it to add to my personal collection so that I can read it anytime I want.

I wanted to love this book.  I really did.  So many of you have loved this book but I just struggled with it from a faith perspective.  In case you are way behind like me and haven't read it yet, I'm not going to ruin it.  I don't think I'm going to give the sequel a read like I originally planned and move on to a new one!

I'm currently reading the Power of a Praying Wife!  Any recommendations of books I should be reading?  I'm in a positive/uplifting/relatable book mood so if you have any suggestions, please share!


  1. I have the Magnolia Story on my shelf and plan to read it this summer when I have more time! And I wish Moyes could have changed the ending of Me Before You...then it would have been okay :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I've heard Uninvited is really good. It's on my list to read :)

  3. I love to hear that you liked The Magnolia Story! I have been trying to decide if I should read it and curious what people thought of it! I love everything they do on the show so I figured it had to be good :) Thanks for sharing! Definitely adding it to my list!


    Shannon | www.prepavenue.com

  4. Both of those books are just waiting for me to read. I am surprised you didn't like Me Before You - seems like everyone loves it, so it makes me almost want to read it more just to see my thoughts!

  5. I've been dying to read The Magnolia Story!! Everyone seems to love that book!

  6. So glad you have a functioning phone again! Hooray for that and an inspiring read! The Magnolia Story sounds fantastic! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing! xo - Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

  7. I actually enjoyed the sequel a lot more than Me Before You - maybe because it's taken me so long to read it so, I kinda knew what was going to happen and didn't let myself get fully invested? Whereas with After You - I didn't have any idea and was able to relate a little more.